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  1. “Reviews” are completed by only the best App Experts.
  2. “Ratings” tell you what the community thinks.
  3. Each Expert has their own unique and prolific presence in the expanding world of apps. They can be found all over the world, online via their blogs, travelling to teach about the integration of apps, guest posting, creating video tutorials, or sitting on the couch with their tablet.
  4. Experts are therapists, teachers, parents, tech geeks, you name it…
    They all love and respect technology!
  5. Expert app reviews included detailed and creative ideas that are relevant for therapy and education.
  6. Blog reviews are also linked to app reviews. (No more hopping around to find the info).
  7. You can find apps using a Keyword Search that makes sense to our industry.
  8. Only Registered Members can UpVote and Comment on apps (Raising the bar on credibility in the app world).
  9. YOU can join for FREE and help us create this amazing community!
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YappGuru was created to unite the therapy app world by providing a credible, easy-to-use, searchable, and fun resource.


Let’s make it easy to find apps that help people enjoy a rich and fulfilling life. YappGuru™ was created to unite the therapy app world.