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123TokenMe Solo

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Are special needs, such as autism, part of your life?

If so, download 123TokenMe Solo to improve behaviors and teach skills. It is a powerful tool that helps you use positive strategies with your child. 123TokenMe Solo motivates learners to work hard.

Why priced so low? (Currently free!) Because it was developed by individuals that care deeply for the autism and special needs communities. This Solo version works with one child, perfect for most families. Plus, therapists and teachers can try it before upgrading to the unlimited student version- 123TokenMe.

Do users agree?

• “We use 123TokenMe at school, and urge parents to use it at home. This helps us work together on goals.”

• “My child loves it. Highly recommend.”

• “123TokenMe helped us go out for dinner. ‘Nate’ was successful at the restaurant, so our whole family celebrated with ice cream!”

• “Very discrete, unlike old-fashioned token boards.”

More details?

• Assists infinite behaviors and skills: Calm hands. Take a bite. Answer questions. Sibling play. Use words. Homework. Chores. Sit during dinner.

• Customize a board for every behavior: 1- 20 tokens, token types, backgrounds, rewards, and a reminder timer. Also, it collects key data.

• Older learners can use it for self-monitoring.

• Want unlimited students? Download 123TokenMe. With this version you can work one-on-one, or with up to six students (iPad), or three students (iPhone) at once. The cost? Currently only $9.99, less time/money than making just one old-fashioned laminate and velcro token board.

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