aacorn AAC - The Intelligent Solution for Children with Autism, Apraxia, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, MS and Developmentally Delayed Speech

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aacorn AAC – The Intelligent Solution for Children with Autism, Apraxia, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, MS and Developmentally Delayed Speech

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aacorn is the next generation assistive communication solution designed for non verbal and speech delayed children. Recognized as a genuine break-through by parents, educators and speech therapists, featured in Apple’s ‘Special Education’ and ‘Accessibility’ collections of recommended iPad apps, and used by thousands of families, schools and speech professionals worldwide!

What makes aacorn unique is how it bridges the huge gulf between picture cards and complex AAC apps designed for adults. It can often be more engaging for children, but is also incredibly powerful, making communication more accessible to children who cannot type or spell or who find the older grid-based systems so frustrating. Here’s just some of the feedback from leading speech experts:

+ “aacorn signals a revolution in the way we provide AAC support to children.. The first to really capitalize on the strengths of the iPad” – Professor Sue Fletcher-Watson (University of Edinburgh).
+ “LOVE the word tree! If I needed an AAC this is the kind of interface I would want!” – Dr Robin Parker (PraacticalAAC).
+ “This innovative AAC app really could change the way we introduce, teach and model AAC systems to early communicators.” – Amanda Hartmann (SLP).

Why are these most experienced professionals so excited… because aacorn is so much more than yet another aac app with buttons that speak! aacorn replaces the old grid of folders layout used by other apps and devices (where often children can’t find the words they need), and introduces a radically improved design for children that is much easier to use AND also teaches language!

A unique system of branching pathways we call the Word Tree™. Your child makes a word choice and new branches with suggestions for the next word in a sentence present themselves AUTOMATICALLY. No More ‘hunting and pecking’ for hidden words! The focus is on the relationships between words and the difference is amazing!

aacorn can and is being used by even the youngest or most delayed communicators, and delivers a number of world-firsts for children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, MS, Apraxia, developmental delays or difficulty learning language…

• Learns to PREDICT what a child wants to say!
The only AAC app with this unique and powerful feature – opening communication to users of ALL ages and abilities.

• Designed especially for CHILDREN
Incredibly easy to learn and setup. Makes makes full use of the iPad (NOT mimicking old devices).

• Adapts to ALL cognitive abilities and needs
The first ‘intelligent’ AAC software. aacorn recognises each child’s needs and adapts itself so that even pre-literate children can make and speak complex sentences!

• REAL Childrens Voices
A child isn’t a robot and so aacorn comes with real children’s voices. Choose between boy and girl US, UK, and Australian voices, speaking very expressive words. Or use the built-in recording studio to record new voices.

• TEACHES Language Development
Aacorn helps children develop an understanding of language by visually modelling the ‘relationships’ between words! This is UNIQUE to aacorn and very often means children form sentences MUCH faster and can expand their vocab!

• Grows with YOUR Child.
Change almost anything: create new words and categories, modify or disable existing ones, save favourites, add photos, even use the built-in drawing tools to personalise things.

To learn more from real users about how aacorn is changing the conversation click ‘View ALL Ratings’, or visit or email us at anytime!

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