All About Sounds HD - Initial Position Words

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All About Sounds HD – Initial Position Words

Comprehensive Speech Therapy
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All About Sounds HD – Initial Position Words is an engaging app that makes it fun to learn and practice saying sounds in the initial position of words while playing a picture matching game. It combines an easy to use interface, colorful pictures, clear word production models, and exciting sound effects to keep children entertained while they learn.


•Initial Position Words for the following sounds/phonemes: m, p, h, n, w, b, k, g, t, d, y, f, r, l, s, ch, sh, z, dz, v, and th
•Touch/tap selection screen to choose your sound
•Game automatically selects pictures that begin with that sound to create game board
•Lesson Mode: Touch the card and name the picture then touch the picture to hear the word. Now try and find its match.
•Free Play: Touch the cards to find a match and when you do try and name the picture. Now touch the picture to hear the word.

**Please note – because of all of the colorful graphics and sounds, our app takes a lot of memory to run properly. If you are having trouble, make sure other applications are closed by restarting your device or double clicking the home button to show all open apps. You can then hold down one of the app buttons to get the icons to “shake” which lets you close them without restarting the device.

All About Sounds Final Position Words and All About Sounds Medial Position Words coming soon!

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