Diadochokinetics Assessment App

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Diadochokinetics Assessment App

Seth Koster
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Product Description

Diadochokinetics Assessment Tool allows you to quickly and easily calculate the diadochokinetic rate of your student, patient or client in just a few minutes. Simply tap away and the app handles counting, timing, and comparing to norms!

Norm Referenced
Color Coded Scores
Quick Reference Chart Show Pass/Fail
Displays Mean & SD

When you’re finished, click “Save Information” and the app will let you save a document with the name and the scores on all of the vocalization tasks. Later, just copy and paste from this document to your report so you don’t have to note or remember the scores.

Norms for this app are referenced from: Fletcher, S. G. (1972). “Time-by-count measurement of diadochokinetic syllable rate.” Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders, (Vol. 15), 763-770.

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