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Easybee Timeline Calculator

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Product Description

The Easybee Timeline Calculator is the best app on the market for calculating due dates and deadlines. Its functionality is fast, easy, and accurate. This app was developed specifically for Special Education staff because of the constant pressure they are under to meet state mandated timelines. On a daily basis, Special Education professionals are counting 30, 45, 60, and even 90 calendar days to determine due dates.

Beyond counting calendar days, you can completely tailor it to fit your needs and schedule. Imagine with one touch being able to include or exclude school holidays, federal holidays, or weekends. After using the app ourselves, we found numerous other times the app has been useful such as store return policy deadlines, work deadlines, rebate deadlines, and even library loan due dates. Our design team loves that this app can be easily customized to fit any of your timeline needs.

Easybee Timeline Calculator Features-
*Set to Calendar Days or Business Days
*Customize Business Days
*Set to exclude specific number of days up to 100
*Set to exclude Weekends Only
*Add Holidays specific to your calendar
*Email Reminders
*Easy 1 touch Reset button

Calculator Functionality-
Easybee Timeline Calculator calculates both calendar and/or business days from a specific date.

Calendar Days means every day, including weekends, Sunday through Saturday.

Business Days means workdays only, Monday through Friday.

To calculate Calendar Days, enter your start date and below enter the number of days to calculate. Calendar Days will count all the days in the month including holidays and weekends.
To accurately calculate Business Days to fit your needs, first adjust your settings. When managing Business Days check off the holidays you would like to exclude when you are calculating your due date.

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