I Can Have Conversations With You!™

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I Can Have Conversations With You!™

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Reviews (2)

  • This app has a lot of different scenarios. These scenarios are relevant to my students' everyday lives, which makes this app very practical for them....

  • This app is very comprehensive and includes a great one on one experience for students to dive deep into conversations. I love that this app does not ...

Product Description

What if your child with autism could have better conversations with you and others by knowing what people are thinking and feeling?

I Can Have Conversations With You!™ provides a life-changing solution for parents who want to empower their child to start, maintain, and end engaging conversations.

This easy-to-follow, evidence-based program captivates your child’s interest within a fun, supportive environment so that learning to communicate is naturally reinforcing. For people with autism and other communication disorders who speak in sentences, I Can Have Conversations With You! guides your child to become an independent communicator with various people encountered throughout daily life.

EXCELLENT REVIEWS from parents and therapists!
TouchAutism says: “I was very impressed”
Simply Speech says: “This app is very comprehensive”
SmartAppsForKids says: “I am so thrilled to have this app”
Home Sweet Speech Room says: “…a good app to suggest to parents for students to practice at home.”

I Can Have Conversations With You! has been clinically developed to be effective for learners with autism, PDD, Asperger’s syndrome, or social (pragmatic) communication disorder who are:
* ages 6 and up
* talking in sentences
* able to read
* comfortable using the iPad

* Video modeling of people in everyday conversations
* Interactive cues
* Virtual ‘role play’ using your child’s own voice
* Personalized achievement certificates
* Hundreds of conversational exchanges using both audio clips and written text
* Ongoing encouragement with tons of stimulating reward images and sounds
* Customized reports of progress, strengths, and areas of improvement

**Plus, I Can Have Conversations With You! requires absolutely NO instructions or setup to get started, so your child will begin to learn the moment you download the app!

I Can Have Conversations With You! identifies conversational pitfalls which happen before and after your child opens his or her mouth to speak. Through structured learning, repetition, and reinforcement, the program systematically zeroes-in on:
– Who the conversational partners are
– Where they are situated
– What they want to say and why
– Bridging segments of the conversation
– Summarizing the main idea of the conversation
– Vocabulary, logic, and figures-of-speech

Your child’s learning journey begins with Conversation #1. After his/her work is completed and scored, the system selects the next module at the skill level that matches your child’s unique abilities. Your child’s learning continues as you buy modules #2, 3, 4, and so on. Following best clinical practice, once a question is answered, your child cannot go back to it.

I Can Have Conversations With You! has been conceived by Karen Kabaki-Sisto, M.S., CCC-SLP, an ASHA-certified Speech-Language Pathologist and Applied Behavioral Analysis instructor. For over 20 years, Karen’s passion for helping hundreds of people with autism improve their lives has led to her development of a unique and highly effective system which has empowered her students and clients. Karen is ecstatic to improve countless of lives around the world with her ground-breaking app!

**Download I Can Have Conversations With You! today for your child to better understand and speak with complete confidence – and have more meaningful relationships.

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