Let's be Social: Social Skills Development

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Let’s be Social: Social Skills Development

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Reviews (4)

  • This app presents a variety of social situations presented in a cartoon picture and in a short story followed by questions. Some of the lessons target...

  • It's easy to navigate. Prompts and labels are all throughout, making it easy to find and create what you need. You can add your own lessons and ques...

  • Let’s Be Social targets social language instruction through interactive lessons. The app comes with 25 lessons for the following topics: recognizing...

  • This app was developed by SLPs. There are 25 different lessons, and you can create your own lessons. The lessons cover a good variety of topics and h...

Product Description

Model and Teach Social Skills & Pragmatic Language!

***Create your Own Lessons***
***Customize ANY Lesson to Your Needs***
***Record Your Voice!***

With 40 premium written lessons and 5 video lessons developed by ASHA certified SLP’s, and the ability to create customized lessons from scratch in minutes using your own pictures and text, Let’s be Social is a powerful tool designed to help special needs professionals and parents teach social skills to those that struggle with social communication.

What people are saying:

“My FAVORITE part of the app is the ability to create customized lessons with your own text, stories, images and questions for the user…Everyday Speech has made it VERY easy to create your own lessons and content…what makes Let’s Be Social unique is the added value of creating a story with images and also being able to create questions about the story for the user to interact with. I would highly recommend this app to SLPs, but also to special education teachers, and parents…be sure to put Let’s Be Social on your purchase list for your iOS devices.” – Jill Kuzma, CCC-SLP, Jill’s Social/Emotional Skills Sharing Site

“Let’s Be Social is a dream come true, with a non-nightmare price for those of us working with [those who] need help with social communication skills at school and at home…You need to get it to experience what combining excellent workmanship and product design + special ed/speech therapy can do!” – Penina Rybak, CEO Socially Speaking

“What a great app! Love that you made it easy to add photos and really personalize for each child! Thanks for making a difference for these kids who struggle with communication.”- Ann, parent of a child who has an autism spectrum disorder


Premium Lessons
– Lesson Summaries model expected actions and emotions felt during each lesson
– Q&A mode breaks the lesson down into smaller parts and promotes interaction
– 40 Lessons (list below)
– Full narration of all lessons
– 5 Video Lessons allow you to dive deeper into more subtle concepts.

Create your Own Content
– Intuitive content creation tools allow you to create customized lessons on the fly
– Use your own images! Take pictures during role playing exercises or use pictures of relatives to prepare for a family trip.
– Record your voice! Read all your lessons out loud in your own voice!

Edit Any Lesson – Customize any lesson for your specific learner! Change text and record your own voice!

Who is Let’s be Social for?

Because of the ability to customize, Let’s be Social can be used with those in kindergarten through high school. Our content can be used with individuals who have special needs, including:

-Autism Spectrum Disorders
-Developmental Delays
-Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Full Lesson List

Personal Interactions

-Making Eye Contact
-Greeting Friends
-Keeping Personal Space
-Taking Turns in Conversation
-Joining a Group
-Staying on Topic
-Voice Volume

Navigating the Community

-Going to the Doctor’s
-Playing on the Playground
-Eating at a Restaurant
-Going to the Movies
-Going to the Grocery Store
-Getting a Haircut
-Going to the Dentist
-Talking to Strangers

School Behavior

-Sitting in Class
-Making Inappropriate Noises
-Waiting in Line
-Eating in the Cafeteria
-Respecting Teachers
-Reading in Front of the Class
-Asking for Help
-Losing Self Control

Handling Change

-Transitioning at School
-Dealing with Disappointment
-Going to a New School
-Breaking the Rules
-Not Getting Your Way
-Big or Small Problem?
-A Change In Your Schedule
-Coming Back from Vacation

Social Relationships

-Making Friends
-Hurting a Friend’s Feelings
-Playing at a Friend’s House
-Being Teased
-Helping a Friend
-Understanding Jokes
-Using a Filter


-Making Eye Contact
-Keeping Personal Space
-Taking Turns in Conversation
-Understanding Sarcasm
-Using a Filter

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