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Lingraphica TalkPath Listening

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Reviews (1)

  • This is a good app for adults working on listening skills. I like that the app announces the action at the same time you or the client presses that b...

Product Description

TalkPath Listening exercises can now be found in the ALL NEW TalkPath Therapy app available in the App Store. Please download TalkPath Therapy to access more listening exercises.

TalkPath Listening guides adults with aphasia or apraxia through a series of exercises designed to improve overall speech. The exercises in this app work on word discrimination, word association, and short-term memory and are based on general treatment principles widely used by speech-language pathologists to improve auditory comprehension — the ability to hear and understand language. The exercises provide sound and visual inputs at varying degrees of difficulty designed to stimulate language processes that have been disrupted due to a stroke or other neurological event.

TalkPath Listening is easy to use and is appropriate for speech-language pathologists (SLPs) to use with clients and for people with aphasia working on their own. TalkPath app exercises now correlate to NOMS levels helping SLPs more clearly understand how the apps integrate into their treatment plans.

The graduated exercise design means that users will stay engaged as they progress through levels of difficulty. Configurable settings allow for a wide variety of practice approaches that may be customized based on the unique needs and preferences of each user.

Designed specifically for adults with aphasia, the TalkPath apps are based on the proprietary images and technology created by Lingraphica™, the trusted name in aphasia rehabilitation. When touched, the icons temporarily enlarge or “project,” a patented methodology developed to stimulate a user’s senses and prepare him or her to complete a task. In addition, verbs are animated to demonstrate their meaning and add proper context. All voices in the TalkPath Listening app are recorded— adding to the app’s friendliness and usability.

Backed by the experience and innovation of Lingraphica, TalkPath Listening was developed by a team of scientists and speech-language pathologists focused solely on finding ways to overcome aphasia and apraxia.

How it works:
Users progress through four sets of exercises, each with hundreds of tasks at multiple levels of difficulty:
• Word ID
• Complete the Phrase
• Answering Questions
• Following Directions

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