Monsta Points: chore chart with fun and positive rewarding

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Monsta Points: chore chart with fun and positive rewarding

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Product Description

Simply the best app that helps teach life skills to kids – a critical task facing any parent. It often needs a lot of repetition, time and energy to succeed. Monsta Points can really help – adding fun and focus – and making the whole process into a regular and rewarding activity.
Positive rewards are the answer
Monsta Points offers a great new way to motivate kids, and help busy parents make use of the most effective methods. Using positive rewards – with clear communication and visible progress – adds up to a system that just works. All without adding extra load onto already stressed families.
Children easily lose focus, or fail to understand what is being asked of them. Monsta Points’ is designed with that in mind – and encourages understanding. Goals and rewards are visually linked, with no need for complicated start/end times or values. Children can make their own wish list to help decide new rewards. Using a fun and friendly design makes it easy for child to see and report their progress.

Using regular feedback and positive rewards are the best way to teach children. Monsta Points celebrates your child’s progress and you can get maximum impact from instant digital rewards.

Monsta Points assigns each child (and parent if you want!) with a funny monsta character that can be customized within the app’s Monsta Lab. You can apply different bodies, color, accessories and even the mood of your monsta easily.

Top features:
– Easy to use and fun interface encourages child to use the app and mark the proceedings
– Customizable monsta avatars
– Goals assignable to weekdays
– You can assign several rewards per goal, and several goals per reward
– Draggable editing of goals and rewards
– Customizable goal descriptions, and icons
– Wishlists
– User wishlists used as a source of rewards
– Total earned points per family member and for the whole family
– No internet connection or logging in needed unless you want to sync
– Sync between your devices by setting up an account

User Feedback – May, 2014
“Great – my son loves it It’s a great app! Its fun, customizable, my son is intrested & involved in the process.”

User Feedback – Aug, 2013
“My kids are actually motivated … which means their chores/homework are actually being done … they can see their own progress and work towards their goals”

Apps PlayGround – Jul 1, 2013
“It’s a fun interactive spin on reward charts”

Smart Apps For Kids – Aug 5, 2013
“Bottom Line: It won’t cure unorganized parents of all faults, but once it’s set up, it’s a great system to track daily responsibilities, chores and rewards for kids. It might even turn whining into laughing.”

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