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The intention of the SGM® App is to help children think, communicate and learn. Since 1991, millions of children worldwide have benefited from using the colorful, patented icons of the Story Grammar Marker® (SGM®), a research-based tool for helping children with telling and retelling stories, comprehension, writing, reading comprehension and social communication. Now, the SGM® has come to life in the form of an App with exciting animation and engaging features that allow kids to see, listen, touch, move and interact with the icons to tell create a story!
Teachers, speech language pathologists, reading specialists, literacy coaches and parents can use this App with kids to help them “Become a Star Reporter” and create & tell their story or re-tell something they have read, seen or experienced. This app will help children to organize their thoughts for expressing or writing. There are now new expository text structures as well, including description, sequencing, and listing. It can help them with critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as to make connections among texts, themselves and the world around them. The icons in this App are designed to “free up” working memory by giving kids a visual representation of the parts of a story that they can see, touch and move! They can type, draw, import images or import pictures from the camera roll to create a unique story or to retell a story from a book, show or movie. After creating each story, they can use the SGM® to assist them in telling their story and recording it. They can then become the SGM® Star Reporter and hear themselves telling their story! Each story can be saved and/or emailed to parents/teachers/specialists to monitor progress. The Story Grammar Marker® can be used to support Common Core State Standards. This app is fun & engaging and the methodology is research-based. Enjoy!

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