Yes / No Barn: Answering Yes No Questions

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Yes / No Barn: Answering Yes No Questions

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Reviews (2)

  • Fun little app designed to help children learn to answer yes/no questions. In addition, it's great to use for helping create good sentence structure, ...

  • Overall, I really like this app. It's a great way to target yes/no questions. It is very intuitive. The report section is very detailed, and the re...

Product Description

Yes/No Barn contains over 300 questions that will serve as a tool to help children practice answering yes/ no questions. The questions on Yes/No Barn are organized into six categories:
1. Basic Questions: e.g. “Is this an apple?” (students identify a simple image).
2. Look and Answer: e.g. “Is he wearing shorts?” ( students have to look at the specific photograph to answer the question).
3. Fact based questions: e.g. “Do snakes have legs?” (user can answer questions based on previous knowledge)
4. Variable Answer Questions: e.g. “Are you wearing a skirt?” ( these questions will depend on who is answering the question. The adult will be prompted to confirm the answer as correct or incorrect).
5. Compare pictures: e.g. “Are both of these items the same color?” (The screen displays two pictures which the student must compare prior to answering the questions)
6. Questions about a Scene: e.g. “Is this girl at the beach?” (The image here contains more than one image, generally a scene).

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