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Why do you want your app to achieve a 4 or 5 star App Excellence Award?


  1. Recognition for including evidence-based components in the development and/or recommended usage of your app.
  2. Recognition for professional direction in the development of your app.
  3. App distinction in a highly competitive and ever-expanding industry.
  4. Highlighted in App Excellence Award section of YappGuru.
  5. Included in Exceptional MOBILE certification course – “Recommended apps”.
  6. Announcement in newsletter of award.

Next Steps:

  1. Complete online application.
  2. You will only be charged $250* when your app is awarded a minimum of 4 Stars.
    (*Special Pricing through May, 2016)
  3. Required: Include App Excellence Award logo on your website AND somewhere in the app itself (home page or info page).

Achieve My Award

Look for these symbols to insure the highest level of credibility in the Special Education industry.

Excellence Ratings

The following rubric defines criterion based targets and corresponding attributes which establish YappGuru’s strict evaluation process for the YappGuru App Excellence Award distinction.

App Excellence Award

Expert Ratings reflect an average of the cumulative scores across all categories. Each category can achieve a total of 5 stars. The highest rating app can achieve is 5 stars.