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This application is perfect for young children learning verbs! The character, Milo the mouse, performs various action verbs when pressed! He is incredibly adorable and motivating for children. I personally received a Milo plushie from the developer which I paired with the application (which you can view here - What's great about this application is that you can customize the application for your user by choosing which verbs you would like to work on. The motivating factor for children, other than the fact that there is an adorable mouse on screen, is that after a certain number of verbs, you get to feed him cheese!

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I would love the option to have the application have an option to include cloze sentences for my slightly older elementary students so that it is not just auditory bombardment of action words/sentences. It might also be neat to allow clients to record their own sentences and then compare it to the app's sentence. .

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