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As with all tests, baseline assessment is the primary purpose of this app. In addition, it can be used to show progress, create appropriate goals and plans, and even educate related professionals. (Because who doesn’t like a visual representation of our reports?!) I tried it out with several typically developing kiddos before I used it with students who already have IEPs, and it was great as a screener for both groups, giving insight into areas of strength and weakness.

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My biggest concern is confidentiality. Here’s the quandary: it would be great to have the app password-protected; however, the developer is not able to access passwords created and stored on your iPad, so if the password is forgotten, they cannot retrieve it for you, and you would need to then delete the app and re-download it, thereby losing your data from the assessments. [Insert grumpy sigh and whine to Apple about this.] My solution: be very, VERY careful to not use any identifying information within the app. Additionally, this app is relatively new assessment tool, so it likely won’t be recognized by many in the educational setting. It will probably be necessary to provide additional description of the assessment and how it is being used while report writing, justifying goals, sharing results, etc. .

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