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I love that it's a one-stop shop: it has both a full test and a screener. It's portable, has a built-in report feature, has comprehensive data tracking, has a recording feature, and it keeps each student's data, so you can compare different reports and monitoring progress. I love that real pictures are used. Sometimes symbols can be confusing, so this is an awesome feature. This is an easy to use app. The speech sample section is great. I love the variety of settings and options to turn on/off to customize it to each student's needs. It is evidence/ normative data-based. In the report section, you can see the research used cited at the bottom.

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Even for screenings, I like to collect a short speech sample. Sometimes I cannot truly hear if a child has a sound in their phonemic inventory or not until a conversation. So that being said, I would love for there to be a speech sample section as part of the screener. This is a long ways off and would take lots of research, but I would love if this app would be standardized. Districts require standardized scores for formal testing most of the time, so this wouldn't qualify for that. (However, it would be perfect for progress monitoring, as I mentioned, so I will definitely use it for that!). I would love it if the app could be programmed to automatically identify the phonological process. It is just a picky little thing, but it would definitely save the tester time! .

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