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This is my go to articulation app. The newest update has now even more options. Within this app you can practice sound errors at the word, phrase, sentence and storytelling levels. The app can collect data for 1-6 users and all could be working on different levels. You have the option of adding your own words and images. You are able to practice skills using flashcards or matching. There are 13 background scenes that can also be used. And bonus... There are homework sheets that can be printed for each sound. The app allows you to choose by phoneme, number of syllables, phonological processes or manner of articulation. Another fun option is the built in camera mode which allows the students to see theirselves while practicing. I use this app for more than articulation practice. I have my fluency students practice words and sentences with easy speech. I have my language students working on vocabulary, syntax and describing skills. The options are only limited to your imagination.

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