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There was a dramatic change from what the application was like when it first debuted and its revamp! I went from not using it much to using it frequently! This application makes it so easy to choose what to work on as it walks you through the steps intuitively. You can choose the phonological processes, articulation sounds, amount of syllables in the words, positions within the words, and what level you would like your clients to practice at. In addition, you can save multiple user profiles within the application or coordinate it with the separate Speech Therapy Center app. This definitely saves on time and allows you to record data session to session. You can use it in a group or with an individual client. I love that I don't have to turn my iPad and just have to press a button to change the direction of the screen. The controls are easy where you press the check mark or "x" for correct or incorrect and the record button to record the clients' speech as you go card to card. If you need a break from drill, there is also a memory game that your clients can play with their sounds instead! However, the best part of the application is the fact that you can add custom words and images to tailor the application to each client! I highly recommend this application for any SLP with multiple clients with articulation/phonological process errors! Make sure that you go to Smarty Ears' website to download homework pages associated with the app as well!

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