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It is a new idea that I haven't seen before as an app, and it is a practical option for those who have to track hours. You have the option to add your own practicum sites and the option to add disorders and ages. You can email the report to yourself or others. It could be used by SLPs who are out of grad school and need to track their hours for whatever reason. For example, if you want to get your BRS-S certification, then you need to track the number of clients with dysphagia that you see.

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I would like to see a more extensive disorder list. You can add your own, but the core list is missing options such as "aphasia" and "social communication," which are two BIG areas in our field. I would also like to see a more extensive age breakdown. I would like to see a way to generate a report specific to one practicum site. Finally, I would like a place to add gender and notes. .

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