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This app is designed to be used with both adults and kids. There are sequence sets for each one. The sequences provided are daily routines or activities that kids or adults would engage in, which makes this app practical for everyone. To use the app, select your user, select the sequence, and have the student/patient drag the pictures in order. The app will store detailed data by session and provides the amount of time it took to complete the sequence and the accuracy. The following are reasons I like this app: It was created by an occupational therapist with the intention for use by speech-language pathologists as well. It is easy to use! It has sets for kids and for adults. There are multiple levels in that there are shorter sequences and longer sequences. The app stores data over multiple sessions! My students enjoy moving the pictures around. The sequences are real life situations. It can be used at home for further practice! The pictures/graphics are simple and not distracting. There are lots of sequences--52 total!

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This is me being SUPER picky, but I would love for there to be a way to have multiple users at one time. In a skilled rehab setting, this is not necessary since you are generally one-on-one. However, in a school setting, it is rare that I have one student at a time. It would be great to have it switch back and forth between users instead of me doing it manually. Again, that is me being super picky. It really is a convenience thing. .

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