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AAC/Modalities,Articulation/Phonology,Cognition,Professional Tools,Fine Motor,Reading,Science,Social Aspects,Language
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AACScene DisplaysArticulationCategoriesCause EffectConcept MappingDaily RoutinesExecutive FunctioningOrganizationProblem SolvingSafety AwarenessSequencingSpatial ConceptsTimeVisual ScheduleEducationAdjectivesAnswering QuestionsAntonymsAphasiaAttributesConceptsDescriptionsExpressive LanguageFigurative LanguageGrammarLanguageMultiple MeaningsNarrationNounsObject FunctionsSemantic RelationshipsStorytellingSynonymsVerbsWH QuestionsSensoryProfessional ToolsEmotionsFeelingsPersonal InfoPragmaticsSocial SkillsSocial Stories

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While I use this app mostly for personal use instead of in therapy, I do use it for creating collages for my students. My students enjoy taking pictures of real objects (instead of using drawings or symbols) and then creating a collage of those pictures for their practice. We use it for articulation, vocabulary, describing, concepts, and more!

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