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Executive FunctioningInferencesMemoryOrganizationProblem SolvingReasoningSafety AwarenessAnswering QuestionsAphasiaAsking QuestionsDescriptionsExpressive LanguageFigurative LanguageLanguageNarrationReceptive LanguageStorytellingVocabularyWH QuestionsEmotionsFeelingsPragmaticsSocial Skills

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Target higher-level expressive language, pragmatic, problem-solving, speech & cognitive-communication goals for older children, teens, and adults. There are over 300 real photographs with 10 questions for each (3000+ total questions) including describe, define, remember, decide, feel, infer, predict, narrate, evaluate, & brainstorm. You can limit which question types are available at the start of any session. These sessions can have up to 6 users at a time participating and scoring separately. Ability to utilize up to 50 user profiles which keep track of names, questions, notes & session scores. Ability to create/edit question text, enter your own questions (in settings), adjust minimum age level for each picture/question, and hide/show pictures to customize sessions. Data is kept in the user hub for use at any time, including e-mailing session data.

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