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Overall, What\'s the Pic? Artic is a fun, engaging app to help children practice their target sounds. It utilizes voice recognition software to track when a child says each word. Children enjoy trying to guess the hidden picture while drilling their speech words. The app can be used in a group or individual format. Real photographs are utilized, and feedback on correct productions is provided visually and immediately with SLP input. More specifically, the app tracks data. It also tracks it visually on the screen to give immediate feedback to the children. There is a hint button to help figure out what the hidden picture is. The hidden photos are real photographs instead of cartoons/drawings. The target words are accompanied by a real photograph as well. This app allows for a lot of repetitions. My clients have been getting 200-300 repetitions per session easily. This app can be used in groups of up to 6 children.

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Sometimes I have difficulty getting the app to recognize that I said or a child said a word. Otherwise, this app is great! .

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