Featured Developer: LINGRAPHICA

Featured Developer: LINGRAPHICA

YappGuru Featured Lingraphica

We are excited to kick off 2015 with our first Featured Developer of the year! We also invite you to catch up on our 2014 features: Tactus Therapy  Smarty Ears  ERIK X. RAJ and Speech With Milo 

Who is the founder of your company? 

Humberto Gerola and our Chief Scientist Dr. Richard Steele founded Lingraphica more than 30 years ago. Originally a speech-generating device company, Lingraphica expanded into the app world in 2010 as an additional way to help adults with speech and language disorders communicate.

When did you start developing apps and how many do you have available?

As more individuals with speech and communication disorders gained access to mobile devices and tablets, we saw a need in the marketplace to apply our 30 years of research in aphasia and speech generating devices to a new technology platform. In 2010, our SmallTalk communication and practice apps were born.

Fans of our SmallTalk apps began asking for therapy exercises to help improve their language and cognitive skills. Our clinical and product development teams answered the call and introduced TalkPath Therapy. With detailed reporting capabilities and a clinician dashboard that’s easy to navigate, TalkPath Therapy is used by many clinicians to assign homework to clients.

What made you start creating apps?

We offer 15 free apps all available for download from the App Store, they include:

TalkPath Therapy: Our newest task-based, therapy solution is available forindividuals and clinicians. It has more than 11,500 language and cognitive exercises, extensive reporting features, and a new clinician dashboard for speech-language pathologists. All of the exercises are free and accessible not only from the iPad app but also from a desktop or laptop computer Web browser.

SmallTalk Communication Apps: We also have 13 communication and practice apps called SmallTalk. The SmallTalk apps range in use from Oral Motor Exercises to Phonemes.

QuickAssess, Lingraphica Device Assessment Tool: We created this app to help speech-language pathologist determine their clients’ readiness for a Lingraphica speech-generating device. Clinicians can download the iPad app from the App Store.

Anything else you want to share?

Put us to the test. As a dedicated partner to clinicians and individuals with language and cognitive disorders, we are committed to finding the most effective and clinically relevant offerings for you. Because we are a mission-driven company, not product-led, our heart is in the game.

From the highest level down, hope for improvement is what drives our support for clinicians, individuals and their caregivers. When you couple this mission with our experienced team and product offerings, you have a lasting and committed partnership to support you on your journey.

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