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In celebration of Speech and Hearing Month, we are excited to share some behind the scenes info on our Featured Developer, Virtual Speech Center with you!


Who is the founder of your company? 

Beata Klarowska, M.S. CCC-SLP

When did you start developing apps and how many do you have available?

I started creating apps in 2011. Magical Concepts app debuted as one of my first apps for language therapy. This unique app offers a reward system in the form of an animated magician and magic show. Auditory Workout was one of my first apps that offer a gaming component as a reward – a basketball game.

How many apps do you have available?

Virtual Speech Center has developed over 30 apps for speech, language and cognition. Most of our apps are also available in bundles. Auditory Workout is one of our most popular apps and it was cited in one of the textbooks for Auditory Processing Disorder. Our newest additions to our family of apps are Articulation Carnival and Articulation Vacation targeting articulation; and apps for auditory processing and memory: Auditory Memory Ride and Auditory Reasoning.  All of our apps offer very comprehensive content and fun games.

What made you start creating apps?

I was inspired by my patients at the hospital, who brought their tablets and demonstrated the apps they owned to me.  I quickly realized that most apps available for pediatric speech therapy consisted of flashcards and were missing fun component for children.  I wanted to create apps that would be fun and motivational for children. I turned to my talented husband, who is a software engineer, and Virtual Speech Center’s apps were born.

Anything else you want to share?

Virtual Speech Center has launched (an) app publishing program in 2013 and five talented speech and pathologists published their app ideas with us. Jennifer Rogers, M.S. CCC-SLP published the Real Vocabulary app and Talking Together app, both very popular among school speech and language pathologists. Dr. Jayanti Ray made her contribution to the field by publishing Problem Solve It with us and is currently working on two more apps targeting memory and attention for adults.

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