It’s March Madness at YappGuru!!

It’s March Madness at YappGuru!!


In friendly competition, the “Lucky 13” YappGuru Expert App Reviewers begin competing on 3/1/2015 for the glory of the Championship on 4/1!

3/8-14 – Elite 8
3/15-21 – Final Four
3/22-31 – Championship
4/1 – Winners announced!

How do Expert App Reviewers advance?

All new app reviews completed during the month of March qualify towards their final score as they advance through the rounds.

Which apps can they review?

All available apps are fair game. 

What do they win?

Experts are competing for iTunes Gift Cards in the amount of $50/$25/$25.
And of course, the thrill of winning!

How can I support my favorite Expert app reviewers?

YappGuru March Madness Follow me 2015Reviews and stats will be shared via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Cheer them on by retweeting, sharing, and checking out their reviews at YappGuru!

YOU can also make an “App”earance ~
VOTE UP (for FREE!) and comment on apps to add to the fun.

Let the Madness Begin!

YappGuru started as my little dream and it is wonderful to see it growing into a vibrant community of people who love employing apps to help people! Mom, SLP, iPad consultant, speaker, entrepreneur, lover of life! @MaiLingChan

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